TOWNSGATE- residential project

"I  contracted affecting spaces to renovate an existing 3200 sq. ft. two story single detached home from traditional to modern. I was extremely impressed with Gillian's skills as a designer. She knew precisely where to steer us even though we knew nothing about the process or the outcome. Her prelimarysketches and 3D drawings made it easy. She was and is extremely detailed and precise in her sketches and drawings. After 5 months of working with Gillian, we gave her absolute cart blanch to design & pick and choose for our taste.  I would readily recommend her to anyone. She is honest, meticulous and very knowledgeable. We are very fortunate and lucky to have her at our side. Since I was my own general contractor, Gillian still oversaw the progress to make sure the project stayed on course. We Couldn't have done this without her professionalism and expertise." - Mr. Birman